Klopp's trident,
the great white menace

The trident of Liverpool has set a record of 29 goals in Champions The 'MSF' is the great hope of the fans 'network' to assault the final of Kiev If something is characterized by Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool is for its incredible punch . Rock and roll has been installed in the city that exalted the Merseybeat and its greatest exponents, the Beatles. The heirs of the 'Fab four' are a heterogeneous trident in their nationalities, but a real pineapple in the field. Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadioh Mané are the best attack of all Europe with 29 goals, scoring records of scandal and that have surpassed even the famous MSN and BBC. 

Messi, Suárez and Neymar added 27 European goals  in the first season of Luis Enrique and culminated with the 'Quinta' in Berlin. Cristiano, Bale and Benzema had added 28 the previous campaign, with 17 scored by the Portuguese attacker. Those figures are already history. Salah, Firmino and Mané have smashed them, pulverized, crushed, reduced to microscopic particles. The Egyptian and the Brazilian have hosted the ball in the bottom of the meshes up to ten times each, while the Senegalese has scored nine goals. Some figures that make them the best attack in the history of the Champions League and that fill optimism to Liverpool fans ahead of the final on Saturday . The 'red' will seek their 'Sixth' in Kiev and much of the hope falls on these three cannibals of the goal.Follow your free insider sports predictions.

Voracious and generous The 'MSF' is not the only goal. At 57 goals in the Premier League they have to add the 24 assists made in the domestic competition . Jürgen Klopp has enhanced the virtues of his trident  and mounted around him a system that favors a thousand wonders. With  a solid midfield and fajador , who has managed to overcome the departure of Coutinho, and  a defense underpinned by the incorporation of Virgil Van Dijk  in the winter market. The multimillion-dollar investment in the Dutch central office is beginning to bear fruit.  The 85 million euros seem less seeing the performance offered by the former Southampton . "It has helped us a lot since his arrival, but let's not forget that the team has also helped him. Little by little he is becoming a man, "Klopp said of the Dutchman. Now it remains to be seen if a short staff of experience is able to sign the job in Kiev.

James Milner is the best assistant of the current edition of the Champions League. The English midfielder has given nine goals to his teammates , followed closely by 'Bobby' Firmino, with eight. Milner is one of Jürgen Klopp's doubts for Saturday. The second captain of the Merseyside missed the match against Brighton on May 13 due to muscular discomfort. The veteran player has already exercised with the group in the concentration of Marbella, as well as the German international Emre Can. His participation in the final is in the air.